Looking for a Chiropodist Clinic in Warwick?

Pam Rice  a chiropodist with over 20 years’ experience knows how important it is to look after your feet and is dedicated to keeping feet happy and healthy through her range of foot care services including Chiropody.

Pam’s Chiropodist clinic is located just a few miles from Warwick in Stratford-upon-Avon. There is free parking just outside the clinic and Pam’s flexible opening hours makes it easy for you to find an appointment on a day and time to suit you.

Many of Pam’s chiropody clients live in Warwick and find her clinic very convenient and easy to get to. Pam is qualified in a range of treatments to keep your toes in tip top condition and as well as being a qualified and experienced chiropodist, Pam is trained to provide other foot care treatments including:

To find out more about the treatments Pam provides, or to book an appointment, please contact Pam

Pam Rice Location