Pam treating patientPam has a BSc in Podiatry Medicine and over 20 years experience, combine this with a VTCT in pedicure and manicure and 14 years of being a qualified reflexologist, Pam is able to offer the full range of services from medical to beauty.

Pam is concerned that we take our feet for granted. To cope with the busy, fast moving way of modern life we should be giving our feet more attention.

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Professionally trained in Chiropody, Reflexology and Pedicure, Pam has recognised that there is a real need for healthy and beautiful feet. Whether it be when the weather starts to improve and sandals and open toe shoes are worn, or when the winter sets in and we put our feet back into winter boots foot care is always important. Using her considerable expertise and good quality products, Pam invites you to “ Put the bounce back into your feet”.